Chewing gum is good activity for teeth and health. But, how do you feel if gum sticks at our shoes and make you difficult to walk?

The reality says that gum pollution is caused by throwing gum down in unproper place. Actually, special bins for gum have been available but, it’s difficult to urge teenagers using them. However, if they use bins, they don’t wrap gum by paper before they put into bin. So, it sticks and hard to remove as it’s to clean it off the pavements. And in any result, gum is easy to trap people’s shoes on the street and people’s clothes on the seats, it’s difficult to be removed.

But, on the other hand, chewing gum makes us rarely get sleepy especially when we attend an event. It also can create anti-smoking groups which people chewing is much than smoking so, it’s good for lungs. Moreover, many dentist think that sugar-free gum can promotes saliva which helps to wash out mouth.

So, chewing gum is good for teeth and health because reduce smoking and helps to wash out the mouth. But, don’t forget to wrap gum and throw in a bin after you’ve done chewed it.


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  1. Dea Yulistia Arifin berkata:

    divisit ya semoga bermanfaat …

    follow me and i’ll follow you back 🙂

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