Mid Exam, when i heard this word and have this activity, what i want to do is finish this kind of Scary action in this world as soon as possible. For me, having exam makes me better and when i get the result, i can measure how clever i am. But, when this exam has finished, i and my friends are goin’ to have the celebration fo mid exam. Do you know, what did i do after mid-exam and how is it ? so, let’s read my story

“Watching Movie, Travelling Together, Shopping, “Bakar-bakar Jagung” or etc..” are the opinions that me and my friends have to celebrate our AFTER-MID session. We didn’t do all the activities in the same times (of course) . For example, When Friday night we planned to watch the movie together. It’s not only done by some students, but my school held this event which ran well.

for another activities, my friends choose to travell together, shopping, or doing another activities. But, besides that we still think about our mid exam result. Whether we get Remedial or No..  Hopefully, no.. (heheheh)…

How about yaa? what did you do after you Mid-Exam? how is your score?…. *_-


About abellasswa

Ambivert, Universitas Indonesia, Musics Artsy and Sports.

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